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Intellect Process Solutions
A401, Prakrtii, Balewadi,
Pune, MH
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Mr. Vinod Joshi


Founder and Director - Intellect Process Solutions, Pune India.

We accelerate Digital Transformation Journey for our customers using our expertise in 
Energy Conservation, Process Measurements and Quality.

    1.      Process Solutions

    a.      Measure Key Performance Indicators

    b.      Monitor Trends,

    c.       Perform Analytics,

    d.      Recommend Role based actionable insights

    2.      Connectivity Solutions

    a.      HART and Wireless HART

    b.      BACnet, Profinet, Ethernet IP

    c.       Profibus, Modbus

    d.      Cloud connectivity using MQTT / GPRS

    3.      Engineering solutions for OEMs:

    a.      Works as Trusted R&D Partner

    b.      Understand customer use cases

    c.       Design complete solution

    d.      Perform effective deployment

    Contact:, +91 98903 23336,

    His Webinars:

    Check his ISA OnPoint session on Wireless HART by clicking this link

    Check his ISA Webinar on ISA Pune Section website:

    ISA Pune Section- Webinar on Aspects of Product Design

    His Publications:

    "Why do you need Power Diagnostics?" on LinkedIn

    "Role of AI and ML in Power Measurement" in Electrical India Magazine

    "Valve Positioners - Swap To Smart" in Industrial Automation Magazine

    Section Affiliation

    Division Affiliation


    University of Pune
    Pune, India
    Engineering Degree in Instrumentation, 1993
    Instrumentation and Control
    1989 To 1993
    Dissertation: PI Level Controller Design
    Advisor: Dr. Deshmukh A V

    Level of Education

    Bachelor’s/Undergraduate Degree

    Professional Associations

    INBAC Association
    2021 - Present

    Non-ISA Certification

    • Professional Engineer
    • Fieldbus Development Professional

    Topics of Interest and Expertise

    • Building Automation
    • Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
    • Smart Manufacturing

    Honors and Awards

    National Award for Excellence in Energy Management
    Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)