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Technical Discussions

  • Thank you very much for your contributions, it has been very helpful to me, since these are criteria indicated by the API-618 standard, I understand that they must be, at least, included as possible layers of protection, either through alarms + response from operator or trips ...

  • Hello everyone, I'm Alex do Vale and although have been wandering around ISA since 2016, I've officially joined the community last month (May-2023) and I'm eager to contribute, and to learn, from other ISA members. I've been working in many areas in the IT industry, but ...

  • Hello Everyone I am looking for case studies where IoT platforms are used for monitoring water / gas / electricity distribution systems. These could be projects for city water supply, piped gas, electrical grids or similar. Please share the links on this group or send an email ...

  • There was a presentation by Michael Grieves in 2002 in which the concept of the digital twin was first introduced as a "virtual twin" , but it was renamed "digital twin" later. Therefore, the father of digital twin seems to be Michael Grieves. If we use his paper " Virtually ...

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  • Today I am contacting you so that you can tell me, if you have any, about your successful experience in optimizing the ammonia process. Next, I indicate the typical KPIs that we can find in this type of process, please if you know of any other, I would appreciate it if you would ...

  • NIS2 impacts all entities (including Global Enterprises) that operate in the EU, not just only European enterprises" NIS2 Directive is a piece of legislation that aims to strengthen the cybersecurity posture and resilience of the European Union (EU) by establishing a minimum ...

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