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  • Great information! Thank you all for the inputs! ------------------------------ Sagir Abdul Salam COO Ernakulam KL ------------------------------

  • Great topic. The modeling projects I was most frequently involved with during my career in the pharmaceutical industry were with bioprocesses, for which predicting the outcomes of cellular activity (such as cell mass, product generation, substrate utilization, etc., involves ...

  • The F&G system is a mitigation IPL (barrier) in contrast to a PSV which is a preventative IPL. So, it depends if your Fire suppression system (automatic) is taken as an IPL during SIL assessment (not a F&G SIF), then this IPL must have a defined PFD which is typically 0.1, ...

  • Thank you @Peter Clarke ------------------------------ Cedric Sindjui CEO CSI AUTOMATION Douala ------------------------------

  • Thank you very much on your comments and recommendations on the subject!!! My upcoming report will be suggesting the entire Water Treatment Works using PI control on controllers for flow, level, pressure, temperature, and various composition controls instead of PID controllers ...

  • Good day All, Please on which basis companies can define their tolerable targets ? Is there any recommendation per industry sector ? #ProcessSafety ------------------------------ Cedric Sindjui CEO CSI AUTOMATION Douala ------------------------------

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