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  • Hi @ Alexander Millan Now you have opened the pandora box! My original query itself was intended to extract these only. All of you may be aware that the hydrogen get generated through several means- in conventional systems in refineries through naphtha as base material, in the ...

  • Hi, Nice to see a Fin here. I am Dutch Software Engineer working for Konecranes in Hyvinkää. In my company we are also undertaking the journey towards 62443 certification. I hope we can meet up some time. Greetings Jos ------------------------------ Jos Helmich Chief ...

  • Building Automation division can play big role in decarbonization provided we are able to collaborate with other agencies . We did not get positive response for our efforts efforts to get through MoU with other agencies . Rathan Bala Director - BASDIV ------------------------------ ...

  • Alexander, I have had some dealings with gas detection but I also am not an expert. However, we do have several experts in the ISA community who can help. Depending on further questions we can engage them more into the discussion. We can arrange for a ISA Connect Live Q&A Townhall ...

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  • Dear Giuseppe, Replied to you privately on this. Regards John ------------------------------ John Kingsley EC 22-23, Cybersecurity Chair ISA Bangalore Section ------------------------------

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  • Hey Justin Tucker of Sentrol should be able to assist you with this bid. He is the Panametrics rep in your area. Steve Valdez 201 523 1883

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