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Technical Discussions

  • Mr A Ramanathan is right in listing the possibilities of analysis. It is also important to know under which process conditions the gas H2 is present and at which points a leak may occur. As Mr. Sai Ramesh correctly writes, the gas warning sensors (catalytic, for example) are ...

  • Mr. Koning: I am not an expert on Electrical Area Classification, this is just my opinion. The area around control valves in flammable process fluid service should be considered as classified area. The API 505 provides some guidelines on that regard. I guess IEC-60079-10 provides ...

  • Welcome Hassan Masood

  • Attention All ISA Young Professionals (the most important career enhancing opportunity of your life) : As ISA You ng Professionals , YOU are the future ISA heirs of the International Society of Automation Instrumentation & Control legacy! ISA exists to ...

  • Hi Anwar, Good to meet you here. I live in Dublin. Yes, this one of the most valuable member benefits. You can access all standards from in the ISA Website using the Standards/View ISA Standards menu option or directly through this link: https://www.isa.org/standards-and-publications/isa-standards/member-access-to-standards ...

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  • Mr. Santoso, I believe I understand what you are asking. You want to be sure your line is always is gas phase. If your system is getting liquids into it, you are no longer is gas phase. There are other devices, other than a Coriolis meter that are well suited for this type ...

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