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  • Thanks for clarifying this. A really interesting question. :-) ------------------------------ John Thornley Diageo Kirkcaldy ------------------------------

  • Howdy from Houston, Texas! I'm new to ISA and am interested in learning more about automation in a variety of industrial settings. My background is in energy. I began on the rig floor offshore and have also run one of the largest pipeline infrastructure services companies ...

  • Hi John, I guess you can start from here: https://www.cisa.gov/sites/default/files/publications/Cybersecurity_Best_Practices_for_Industrial_Control_Systems.pdf Brgds, ------------------------------ Andrei Milnicenco Global ICS Cybersecurity Specialist Tetra Pak Ltda Monte ...

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  • I have already made some applications. But a retrofit of a line in vertical storage inside Bridgestone . It was very challenging, as we replaced all electronic boards, as industrial PLC, radio communication and positioning by reading Bar Codes. Also introduced a known standard ...

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  • Thank you Peter for the value additon. ------------------------------ Abhishek Gangwar Assistant Manager Telecom & Instrumentation Indian Oil Corporation Limited Deoghar ------------------------------

  • Hanan, I tend to agree with Alexander, most companies have standard ways to account for this type of scenario in their corporate risk documentation. If you don't, this may be problematic as what also needs to be taken into account is whether the processes (i.e., mechanical ...

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