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Technical Discussions

  • Thank you Mr. Chan for the response. I will get in touch with Wessoe. ------------------------------ Sumanth Upadhya Bengaluru ------------------------------

  • Mrs. Quillin is probably right. If I really think about it, most of what I was doing was shop drawings. While most of my specifications were calculated, they were still shop drawings for whatever company that I was working with at the time. I can give you a best practice for ...

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  • Bem-vindo / Welcome Luiz Alberto ! Espero que você goste do ISA Connect/I hope you enjoy Connect! Carlos Mandolesi

  • APC: What's in an Acronym? (isa.org) Q&A: Basic and Advanced Regulatory Control - ISA Hope these are useful ------------------------------ Rajshekhar Uchil Senior Member ISA Marketing Chair ISA Bangalore section Director Elect Aerospace Divn --------------------- ...

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  • A video from me would be much longer than 3 minutes about connecting the dots. I had always been into physics, but worked on cars in my younger years, before joining the Army. I fell in love with electronic switching there, got into electricity, worked wiring houses, followed ...

  • Lloyd, When I was preparing for the FE exam, I used StudyforFE.com which in my opinion, was the sole reason I passed it in my first try after being out of school for many years. It is VERY reasonably priced as compared to other online review platforms. I also purchased the ...

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