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In 2016, the Aerospace Industries Division (ASD), formerly in the Industries & Sciences Department, was merged into the Test Measurement Division (TMD) in the Automation & Technology Department.

The Test Measurement Division (TMD) is concerned with the measurement, instrumentation and techniques associated with providing test data for product development and evaluation.

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The Division publishes Quarterly Newsletters with technical content and news.

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This includes the sensing, transducing and signal conditioning means used for static and dynamic measurement of such variables as force, mass dimension, strain; displacement, velocity, and acceleration; tensile, impact and compressive strength; temperature and thermal properties; time and frequency; thrust and torque; pressure, vacuum and flow, electrical quantities, photo-optics and radiation.

The Test Measurement Division (TMD) of ISA promotes the technical areas associated with measurements for tests including instrumentation and sensor development, application of instrumentation and measurements to test, calibration of instrumentation systems, accuracy of the instrument output, and design of instrumentation system data acquisition and processing architecture that turn the measurement or sensor output into knowledge of the test article's performance, operability, structural integrity, maintainability and functionality.

 The Aerospace Industries Division (ASD) is concerned with all aspects of instrumentation associated with ground testing, flight testing and control of airplanes, missiles and space vehicles; and with measurements made in evaluation of the medium through which they operate.

The types of instrumentation or measurements include conventional pressure, temperature and flow systems, miniaturized systems such MEMS and NEMS, non-interference systems such as laser anemometry and clearance measurements, and advanced systems such as thermal phosphors, sensors for high temperature and harsh environments and further miniaturization of systems.


ASD/TMD awards two scholarships every year:
The William H. Atkinson Scholarship

·        The Aerospace Industries Division Scholarship

·        The Test Measurement Division Scholarship

Again in 2023, the ISA Aerospace/Test Measurement Division (ASD/TMD) utilized the ISA Scholarship Application Portal to collect the applications to benefit full-year students to be considered for all of the ISA scholarships instead of only the ASD/TMD Scholarship.

The measurements may be applied to test hardware in quantities up to 5000 for complicated development systems or only a few measurements for simpler mostly static systems. Test measurements provide the information to certify that the test hardware or system will perform its required processes and provide a path towards full automation of the system processes.

The ISA Foundation Educational scholarship application period has begun. University students who have outstanding potential and academic achievement in fields related to automation should apply for an ISA Foundation Educational scholarship. The scholarship awards support tuition and related expenses and research activities and initiatives.

If you think of yourself or anyone who could be a suitable candidate for the ISA Scholarship program, for details and eligibility requirements, click here.  Please submit your application 28 February 2023.

In Divya Dhananjayan & Daniel Joshua "Joshua" Barron each were each awarded a USD$2000 scholarship

For details and eligibility requirements, visit

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Brad Carlberg, the Scholarship Chair, directly.

Membership in TMD affords and enhances contact with other professionals involved in test measurement through newsletters describing Division and ISA activities, technical articles, and division contacts. The division also sponsors, along with the Aerospace Industries Division and the Process Measurement and Control Division, the International Instrumentation Symposium. This symposium has paper sessions, tutorials, workshops and short courses on the latest in instrumentation and instrumentation systems. Proceedings of the symposium document and make available the papers of the symposium. The Symposium proceedings are free to attendees and are available on the ISA website under  "publishing."

If you are a full-year undergraduate or graduate student for; click here to go the ISA Scholarship Portal to Apply Today!

IMPORTANT If you are a Senior graduating in May/June (Not enrolled the entire year) you are still eligible for the ASD/TMD Scholarship; but you will have to submit the ASD/TMD Graduating Senior Scholarship Application Form directly from the ASD/TMD Library.

Scholarship flyer.pdf

For your benefit, get involved in TMD!  Help us foster the instrumentation and measurement disciplines. You may participate in our conferences and symposiums by writing a paper or preparing a presentation, attending the conference to gain knowledge and offer your experience to others, chairing a session, reviewing papers, participating on the symposium or conference staff and participating on the TMD staff. If you are interested in joining the Test Measurement Division and want more information simply contact Division Director
Sandra Krauthamer. If we cannot provide the information you need, we can refer you to other technical professionals in the Division. We look forward to hearing from you!


See The 2022 Transportation Research Board Conference Poster session "Modular Drone" by 2022 ASD/TMD Scholarship recipient, Joshua Barron. 


To join the Test & Measurement Division, simply visit Membership Options and follow the instructions provided there.

Leadership Opportunity

The opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills by helping to plan and conduct various TMD events.


Directors' Message

Division Documents:

Division Annual Report

Division Business Plan


Want to Publish?

There are a variety of publishing possibilities. Contact the Directors for details!

Annual Events

Consider participating in co-sponsored technical meetings including the International Instrumentation Symposium (IIS) and co-sponsored ComDiv+TMD Workshops and conferences. Contact the Directors for details!


Conferences and Workshops 

Plan on Attending the 2017 Process Control Symposium (PCS) & International Instrumentation Symposium (IIS)

Click here for more information.


The opportunity to network with other TMD industry leaders and be part of an active group that contributes to the development of test and measurement industry standards and conducts technical training control within the industry.



  • Connect Live discussion on Calibration Importance - Discussion of How Best to Ensure Traceability th

    Please join the Aerospace/Test Measurement and the Process Measurement and Control divisions for a Connect Live discussion on Calibration Importance - Discussion of How Best to Ensure Traceability throughout your Organization.

    When: Jun 22, 2022 09:30 AM Eastern Time

     Register now:

    Calibration and traceability are not standard across all industries. Join ASD/TMD & PMCD as we discuss how calibration is addressed across our industries and get insight on how other companies address their traceability.

    We will have multiple expert panelists on the call available to answer questions and lead the discussion!

    Register here



    rajshekhar Uchil

    Sandra Krauthamer

  • Panel Discussion on Aerial Robotics - Drones, UAV

    We are happy to announce an ISA Connect Live session jointly between Automatic Controls and Robotics Division (ACARD) and Aerospace Industry Division (ASD).

    Panel Discussion on Aerial Robotics - Drones, UAV

    Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2022   Time: 7:30 PM (IST), 7:00 AM (PDT), 10:00 AM (ET)Total Time 90 mins

    Speakers and their Domain

    • Jai Asundi – Application of Aerial Robotics to map the City and State for *SRTPV System for Semi metro City and a Large State
                                                             *(SRTPV – Solar Roof-Top Photo-Voltaic system) 
    • Flt Lt AT Kishore - Opportunities in the field of Aerial Robotics, Control Stations, way forward to years 2025-2040 
    • Dr Sunil Shah - Software in the loop for UAV Digital twins

                                                             *(UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

    To encourage and inspire the Student Community of Automation / Engineering Schools, we have also planned annex to above Panel - Two meritorious students from India and USA – who bagged US$ 2,000 Scholarships from Aerospace Industry Division.

    • Divya Dhananjayanand
    • Daniel “Joshua” Joshua Barron

    Why you should attend:

    This is the live “discussion” event that ACARD and ASD is hosting that will allow interaction between ACARD and ASD members and expert panel. Take the opportunity to join a facilitated discussion and get to know other ACARD and ASD members and learn about Drones and a peek into the future.

    Register in advance for this meeting:Register in advance for this meeting


    • Prakash Bapat – Director - ACARD
    • Sandra Krauthammer – Director - ASD
    • Rohit Kadam – Director Elect - ACARD
    • Rajshekhar Uchil – Director Elect - ASD
    • Nitin Kirloskar – Marketing Chair - ACARD
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