• ISA Birmingham Section April Meeting

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    You are cordially invited and encouraged to attend the April meeting of the ISA Birmingham Section. 

    Topic:  "Level Measurement Techniques and Technology"

    Date:  Tuesday,  April 11, 2023

    Time:  4:00 PM

    Location:  BBP Company Offices – 1994 McCain Parkway, Pelham, AL

    Actual demonstration of various techniques will follow the presentation on site located in a trailer.

    (Also Virtual on Zoom (presentation only) with connection link shown below)

    Speaker:  Mark Snow :  Vice President Sales– BBP Company

    Mark Snow has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama and over 32 years in specifying instrumentation and control devices.  The background and experience has covered many types of measurement technologies and various methods to obtain data and information for the control systems.


    There are a multitude of methods and devices that are used to measure levels in the various industries.  This presentation will cover many of the techniques that may be employed and the pros and cons of their use.  The desire is to determine the level in an effective and reliable manner, to allow operations the information to control or observe the contents in a tank, vessel or container.  Each application brings various physical characteristics and conditions in to play, so one size does not fit all.  Pressure, temperature, specific gravity, material chemical composition, container conditions, materials of construction, accuracy required, and of course economics figure into the final selection for the application.

    Some of the various techniques and technologies to be discussed include:

    ·       Differential Pressure

    ·       Echo Level – Radar, Ultrasonic, Guided Wave

    ·       Interface Level

    ·       Nuclear