• ISA Frances Tuttle Student Section News

    The ISA Student Section at Frances Tuttle in Oklahoma City recently competed in the ISA-SAIT Student Games in Calgary, and placed 2nd, 4th, 6th and 10th in their competitions! 

    They are competing again in Tulsa, April 21-23, at the Skills USA Competition.  Please join us Sunday evening for a pizza dinner with the students at 7PM in the Cox Convention Center Hallway, 100 Civic Center, Tulsa, OK.  

    We need to offer special Thanks to ISA Member John Cochlin from HF Sinclair, who is loaning them 2 DP transmitters to use in their instrumentation skills competition!

    This is the first Skills USA competition for instrumentation, and it will be using ISA standards to guide and judge the students.  Please join us!

  • Survey Request: Future Events and OT Cybersecurity with Rockwell and RUST

    Hi Denver ISA!

    We are collecting feedback on the last event and working on several events in 2024. Please provide feedback so that we can build a great gameplan for the year.

    The Denver ISA Board

  • ISA Automation & Digital Transformation Conference , April 23-25, 2024

    We are delighted to invite you to the upcoming International Society of Automation (ISA) Conference:  Automation & Digital Transformation Conference & Exhibition with the theme of  Leveraging Technology For A Sustainable Future. This annual conference will be held on 23-25 April 2024, at Sofitel Hotel Al Khobar. The web page for the conference is: ISA-Saudi-Conference

    The conference Strategic & Diamond Sponsor is Saudi Aramco and it is organized by the International Society of Automation - Saudi Arabia Section ISA-Saudi Arabia. This event will bring together leading experts and organizations from around the world and from multiple sectors to showcase technology, innovation and thought leadership. The conference will provide a forum for exploring the role of  automation and digitalization in achieving sustainability targets while ensuring profitability and industrial economy of scale.

    Please remember to register at the conference web page by this week. Registration is free of charge for all  however the lunch will be limited for ISA members only.  

  • Members' Meeting

    Dear Members,

    We invite you to our meeting to discuss section challenges and open the opportunity to add more members to the board. Your time is greatly appreciated, and the dinner will be Free.

    When:  Thursday, May 9th at 5:30 pm.

    Where: Carini Italian Restaurant 

    3718 Williamsburg Road

    Richmond, Va. 23231

  • Polls Open for 2024 - 2025 Section Officer Elections

    As was announced at last night's Section Meeting, the polls are now open for election of next years Section Officers. Please take 3 -5 minutes today and cast your ballot online by visiting the link that was sent in the member email version of this announcement between now and 5:00 PM, Wednesday, April 19th. If you did not receive the email, please check your clutter folder or email provider's Spam filter.

    The canidates are as follows:

    • President (Elected Last Year): Jim Valli
    • President Elect/Program Chair: Debashis Sadhukhan
    • Treasurer: Ryan Kassinger
    • Delegate: Harriet Radvansky
    • Secretary: Steven Roesing

    Please note that any ballots that are not received via the Google Forms link sent in the member email will not be counted. The Polls will close on Wednesday, April 19th at 5:00 PM, so vote today!

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our President, Harriet Radvansky.

  • Webinar Digitalización del Ciclo del Agua: su Optimización

    Miércoles 17 de abril, 16:30 horas
    El aumento de la población a nivel mundial y el incremento de la civilización están afectando al ciclo natural del agua. Hay que tener en cuenta que El 97.5% del agua de la Tierra es salada. Más del 99% del agua restante está en depósitos subterráneos o en forma de hielo. Así que menos del 1% del agua dulce se encuentra en lagos, ríos y otras formas superficiales disponibles. El 15 de noviembre de 2022 la población mundial alcanzó los 8000 millones de personas y desde la Revolución Industrial el crecimiento es exponencial.
    Tanto la industrialización como el aumento de población hace que el ciclo deba ser atendido de una manera activa con la inclusión de plantas de tratamientos de aguas residuales, potabilizadoras, desalinizadoras, etc. A su vez, nos encontramos en una situación en la que el calentamiento global está afectando directamente al ciclo del agua, con cambios en las corrientes oceánicas, disminución de precipitaciones o aumento de las mismas, pero en forma de tormentas cada vez más potentes que provocan inundaciones, pero poco aprovechamiento del agua precipitada. Todo ello hace necesario la implementación de soluciones que controlen los consumos, los residuos, los tratamientos de aguas, su trasporte y consumo y un largo etc.


    La reunión será coordinada por Ricardo Fernández, Vocal de Actividades de ISA.

    El webinar comenzará con una presentación a cargo de D. Sergio Muiña (Weidmuller).

  • ISA Twin Cities Tech Talk -4/22/2024

    Join us for the ISA Twin Cities Tech Talk on Monday, April 22nd, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

    Topic: Radar Level Technology

    Meet our speakers:

    •  Xan Danes, the VP of Level and Nuclear Technologies at Endress & Hauser.

    •  Patrick Rounds, a Sales Engineer at Miller Mechanical.

    Xan and Patrick will delve into the realm of radar level instrumentation and its diverse applications. They'll shed light on cutting-edge radar technology, particularly focusing on absorption within the electromagnetic spectrum at higher frequencies. Moreover, they'll share insights on the calibration and verification processes crucial for ensuring the long-term stability of instruments. Additionally, the session will explore the potential of future radar technologies, including D-Band and mm-band radar. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and stay ahead in the field of level instrumentation!

  • ISA Nashville Section 2024 Officer Nominations

    We are currently accepting nominations for the following officers:

    • President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Program Chair
    • Webmaster

    Please use the Google Form link below to submit your nominations.

    Nominations must be submitted by April 30th.

  • 國際自動化協會臺灣分會:智慧變電站與電網系統資安聚會




    • 國際趨勢分析:專題講座將提供ISA / IEC 62443等標準的最新動向,幫助參與者把握國際視野。

    • 變電站與電網案場落地經驗分享:分享在電網項目實施過程中遇到的挑戰、採取的解決方案以及實際帶來的效益。這一環節為參與者提供難得的交流機會,讓他們了解資安項目成功落地的關鍵要素,並通過實際案例學習,促進技術的發展和應用。

    • 產品製造商專題座談會:此次聚會的一大亮點為邀請來自不同領域的產品製造商參與專題座談會,分享他們在電網資安實踐中的經驗和見解。



    = 主要活動議程 =

    *** 本次活動以中文 (Chinese) 為主要語言進行。無口譯。*** 

    *** 本次活動以 ISA 會員邀請制,需為 ISA 會員或會員推薦才可入場。*** 

    13:00~13:30|Check-In 報到

    13:30~13:40|Opening 開場 & 簡介

    13:40~14:10|ISA/IEC 62443 國際標準動態與電力資安標準的最新進展
    Mandarin 中文  / 國際自動化協會臺灣分會會長, 林上智

    Mandarin 中文  / 加雲聯網智慧城市部長, 陳韋誠 


    Mandarin 中文  / 四零四科技股份有限公司亞太區市場事業處應用工程技術經理, 余浩宇 

    15:10~15:50|Break - Tea Time 


    Mandarin 中文 / 上尚科技產品經理, 許博智

    16:20~17:00|Panel Discussion 

    主持人: 資策會資安所副所長 高傳凱博士


    上尚科技產品經理, 許博智

    四零四科技股份有限公司亞太區市場事業處應用工程技術經理, 余浩宇

    加雲聯網智慧城市部長, 陳韋誠

  • ISA Birmingham Section Plant Visit

    April Event (you do not want to miss)

    Each year, the ISA Birmingham Section has a plant or facility visit and tour, to allow attendees an opportunity to see control systems in action and working in a process.  This year is no different, but we plan to visit a facility that may be a little out of the normal for some of us.  Let’s go to a local microbrewery and see how beer is made and observe the process controls in use for this purpose.

    DATE:  TUESDAY - APRIL 9, 2024



                        4500 5TH AVENUE SOUTH – BUILDING C


    The section has arranged for a guided tour of the facility, with a view of the controls that were used in 2012 – 2016, and compared to the new brewhouse with a higher degree of automation.

    At the conclusion of the guided tour, there will be an opportunity for a beer tasting event, which is $5 per person as a dutch treat cash per person.