Southern North America District

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District Charter 

11 Oct, 2022 03:21 PM




Districts are assigned geographic groupings existing to support the health and standing of sections and, through them, advance the Society strategy. A District is a Society unit and is not separately incorporated. A District is a grouping of sections, not members.



Geographic Assembly


  1. Convey information bi-directionally between the Society and the sections
  2. Offer guidance to sections and connection to staff as necessary
  3. Conduct District elections in accordance with Society bylaws



Vice President, Vice President-elect, Nominator, Secretary, Membership Chair, Student Section Liaison, Section-Division Liaison, Connect Chair, and Program Chair representing a diversity consistent with Society’s policies and values.


The Vice President may form sub-committees as needed.



District Vice Presidents and Elects are selected per the Society bylaws. All other positions are appointed by the Vice President.

To respect Society values for diversity and inclusion, all Districts are required to transition leadership between states, countries, or primary language, depending on scope of District.



District Vice Presidents and Elects terms are per the Society bylaws. The terms are staggered such that half of the Vice Presidents change in one year. All other District positions coincide with Society operating year.


Expected Commitment

6-8 hours per month plus attendance and District Leadership Meetings.


Vice Presidents and elects also expected to attend Geographic Assembly and Society meetings.


Districts will host virtual discussions, documents, notes and resources on their ISA Connect community.


Roles and Authorities

Makes Recommendations to the Geographic Assembly

  1. Establishment and disestablishment of sections and student sections
  2. Annual budget to support District Leadership meetings and section visits



  1. Regular meetings of section leaders
  2. District Leadership Conferences within the scope of the Society-provided budget.
    1. In-person Districts activities shall rotate between states, provinces, or countries, depending on scope of District
    2. Event arrangements and expenses should be handled by a Section and submitted by the Vice President for reimbursement
  3. Pilot programs as approved by the Board


  1. Section and student section health and good standing
  2. Membership in the District
  3. Opportunities to form new sections or student sections
  4. Quality of section and student section programs
  5. Activities of similar society sections



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