The Pulp & Paper Industry Division (also known as PUPID) is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and skills of professionals in the pulp and paper and forest products industries including those employed in the manufacturing facilities as well as engineering & construction consultants.
PUPID members main concerns are the measurement, control, and optimization of processes in the pulp & paper and forest products industries; the acquisition & handling of raw materials whether virgin fiber or recycled paper products; it supports research & development programs and the sharing of applications insight and standards and practices for the entire paper process, from raw materials through finished product; fabrication & construction; processing & inspection required for finished pulp & paper and forest products production; improving product quality of the finished products and maintaining environmental quality through the optimum utilization of the best technology available.

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  • Hi Eugenio, Welcome to the ISA Family/Bem-vindo a família da ISA! It always good to find more Brazilians using Connect. I'd love to now more about your Autonomous Mining and Ports Program at Vale. Would you like to share more details with us? I'm sure you will find good ...

  • Calibration gases that have ISO 17025 certification are more reliable and accurate, and also consider filling methods based on the gas concentration. ------------------------------ AdhamHamraev Process control and automation Air Products Netherland Gases BV PE ...

  • Hi Sriram, Thanks a lot for your valuable time and response. Some points are interesting. Related to AI and GEN AI, I am implementing few use cases and aware of this. My question is today we are doing this by getting data out of control systems say from PLC and SCADA. In ...

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