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The Pulp & Paper Industry Division (also known as PUPID) is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and skills of professionals in the pulp and paper and forest products industries including those employed in the manufacturing facilities as well as engineering & construction consultants.
PUPID members main concerns are the measurement, control, and optimization of processes in the pulp & paper and forest products industries; the acquisition & handling of raw materials whether virgin fiber or recycled paper products; it supports research & development programs and the sharing of applications insight and standards and practices for the entire paper process, from raw materials through finished product; fabrication & construction; processing & inspection required for finished pulp & paper and forest products production; improving product quality of the finished products and maintaining environmental quality through the optimum utilization of the best technology available.

PUPID member benefits include:

  • Over sixty years of joint conferences & symposia with the other global pulp and paper and forest products industry societies.
  • Mailed and electronic newsletters that include both technical tips; new product showcases; discussion of upcoming division conferences, symposia, and special activities, as well as news from global pulp & paper technical societies.
  • A website that provides online access to technical information including past conference & symposia presentations and papers.
  • An e-mail list server to provide a forum in which our members can networking with engineers, technicians and managers who are involved in the industry to discuss technical issues, new product applications and resolve process and process control challenges in the mill.
  • Scholarships for student members or children of members who wish to pursue a career in the pulp and paper and forest products industries.
  • Reduced registration fees for division symposia as well as reciprocal society events.

How to Join our Division?

Join us if you want to learn, contribute, network, and help build the Division to create a better world through automation.
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OnPoint Recordings:

Where did that Transmitter Come From? A Foray into Feedforward Control by Matthew Howard

Process Control & Instrumentation Series

Delivering Value in Process Automation Using Open Architecture Principles 

with Karel Cerny, Consultant to Georgia-Pacific & Jarmo Salminen, Georgia-Pacific

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Upcoming Events:

Our calendar for events includes the following events:

ISA PUPID Zoom Meeting Registration for the remaining four (4) ISAConnectLive meetings of 2023 - the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Noon SP (UTC-3:00)

ISA Virtual Events Program


The Division publishes Quarterly Newsletters with technical content and news. 

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The 2023 ISA PUPID Scholarship has been awarded

This year, the ISA Pulp & Paper Industry Division (PUPID) again utilized the ISA Scholarship Application Portal as well as the PUPID Graduating Senior Scholarship Application directly to collect the applications to benefit you students to be considered for all of the ISA scholarships instead of only the PUPID Scholarship. Scholarship applications were accepted through the end of February.

The ISA Pulp & Paper Industry Division is pleased to award 2023 PUPID Scholarships to  Sheri Wood, a graduating senior from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Marco Ovidio Rodrigues a Master’s degree candidate from Centro Universitário de Goiás (UNIGOIAS) in Goiania, Goiás, Brazil

For details and eligibility requirements, for next year visit http://www.isa.org/scholarships

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

If you are a undergraduate or graduate student for all of the year;

click here to go the ISA Scholarship Portal to Apply Today!

IMPORTANT If you are a Senior graduating in May/June (Not enrolled the entire year) you are still eligible for the PUPID Scholarship; but you will have to submit the PUPID Graduating Senior Scholarship Application directly to the PUPID.

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