The ISA honors and awards program is the Society's opportunity to formally showcase and celebrate the remarkable achievements and contributions of its members, partners, and other automation professionals.
Nominations are now open until 31 March. Submit your nominations now.

• Excellence in Division Leadership
Recognizes an ISA member within each Division in good standing whose leadership has had a significant impact within the Division. The awardee must have served
in a responsible charge within the division and demonstrated outstanding and inspirational leadership. The award would acknowledge specific, documented accomplishments in the previous year that have contributed to the technical leadership essential to the organization. These actions may include visionary planning, leader enlistment and training, communication, member engagement, innovative methods for technical dissemination, and/or facilitation of educational processes.
• Division Excellence in Technical Achievement
Recognizes an individual member or member team from each Division for outstanding contributions in the development or implementation of a product, process, technology, technical paper or presentation, or that has made a positive impact through or as part of the Division. This award highlights content that contains immense technical value applicable to the division community. Content developed may include an OnPoint presentation or an ISA published article, whitepaper, case study, or eBook with consideration for originality or novelty of the idea or reseach, technical and logical soundness, clarity and professionalism, level of inspiration, relevance to industry, and audience reception.

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