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Topic: Simple Hacks To Use Google Scholar for Literature Search for your Thesis – Guide

Are you at that stage of your academic life where you have to write a thesis paper? Many students when they are to draft this essay type get help from the professional essay writing service.

Every student has to write a thesis paper at some point. The most daunting thing about writing a thesis paper is not the writing but the literature search. The quality of a research paper is dependent on the data that you have gathered. Although the herculean task of literature gathering has been made quite easy with the advancement of technology and the internet.

In old times, students have to spend days in libraries to gather the right literature. However, even today a plethora of literature is available on the internet on every topic. Though finding the right material is still a gruesome task. This has been made easy by the google scholar. You can easily find academic journals and books on google scholar. However, you still need to know some hacks of using google scholar to avoid repetitive results.

Create your own keywords

For unique thesis writing, you need unique literature and to search unique literature on the internet, you need unique keywords. Many students give in the temptation of using popular keywords and hope that they will find useful information. However, they only find repetitive and generic search results. To avoid this, you should take some time and create your own keywords. For that, you should try to learn about one aspect of the topic individually. Divide the topic into different parts and create a list of unique keywords or phrases that will give unique and useful search results. The expert writer of the top writing service will always suggest you be precise, explicit, and simple while giving away the details. You can ask a writer to write my essay.

Note: If you are not familiar with a topic, you should first familiarize yourself with it by looking it up on the encyclopedia or other web pages.

Search in an incognito window

You know Google has the data of your previous searches on your personal computer and other devices. Therefore, whenever you search for a topic in standard mode, it shows results based on all the data that it has on you. Your search results would be based on various filters like your browser history, previous google searches, etc. This feature is quite helpful if you are searching for news or fun things on google. However, this is bad for the literature search. After sometime google might not show you even the recently published journals related to your field of study. Therefore, going into an incognito window is always a good option. If you are occupied with other work, get help from a professional writing service and ask them to write my paper and start working on your college essay before the due date approaches.

Create your own library

I am not asking you to print all the relevant journals and stack them up in a rack. The google scholar allows you to create a library of your own and you can add search results that you find important and relevant to your research into the library. This way you will be able to easily access those journals or searches if you ever need them again.

Look into related articles

Sometimes you find a very informative and useful article in google search and you wish you can find related articles like this topic. Well, you can do that by simply clicking on the “related articles” that appear below every google search. You can keep digging into the related articles that google suggests you, to find more useful and relevant sources.

Quick citations

Creating a work cited or references page at the end of the thesis paper is such a drag. You have to fill different entries to cite a source. Following these tips will surely make your essay on point. If you are not sure about your abilities to draft a compelling Master's thesis, get help from a reliable writing service.  Well, google scholar has made it way easier for the students. One can easily find readymade citations of the articles that they have used in the paper by simply clicking on the cite button under the google search that is represented by double quotation marks. This would provide you a citation in different commonly used citation styles. You can easily copy it and paste it on your bibliography page.   


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