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Automation and Technology Committee

Industries and Sciences Committee


The Committees serve as a coordinating and advisory body to support the Society’s divisions within the authority delegated by the Executive Board. 


        1. Encourage and support division collaboration

     2.  Promote cooperative section/division programs


Chair, Chair-elect, Division Directors, and Division Director-elects.


Selection / Appointment

Chairs are appointed by the Executive Board upon recommendation from the committee. Division Directors and elects are selected by each division.  



Terms coincide with Society operating year. Chair term is one-year, renewable for two consecutively.


Expected Commitment

2-4 hours per month plus attendance at leader meetings. The committees will host virtual discussions, documents, notes and resources in the Division Leader community in ISA Connect.


Roles and Authorities

Makes Recommendations to the Executive Board

1.     Policies related to divisions

2.     Programs related to divisions

3.     Resources related to divisions

4.     Mutually beneficial relationships with related technical and scientific organizations



1.     Division standing

2.     Division health

3.     Division membership



1.     Establishment and sunsetting of divisions as delegated by the Executive Board.


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