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Welcome to the Technology Search Committee


The Technology Search Committee evaluates potential new technical areas of interest for ISA.

Group Type



Technical Assembly


  1. Seek out and identify new technologies
  2. Manage an evaluation process for new technologies


At least 8-10 contributing professional members and a chair representing a diversity consistent with Society’s policies and values.

Selection/ Appointment

Members are appointed by the Executive Board upon recommendation from the outgoing committee.

Two Co-chairs are selected by Assembly members from nominations reviewed by the Executive Board.

Service Terms

Terms coincide with Society operating year and positions. The Chair term is one year, renewable annually. To allow for adequate turnover consecutive terms should be limited to three.

Expected Commitment

2-4 hours per month

The Committee will host virtual discussions, documents, notes and resources on their ISA Connect community.

Roles and Authorities

Makes Recommendations via the Technical Assembly

  1. Action to be taken with regard to new technologies


  1. Technical interest areas
  2. Technical conversations in ISA Connect


Board Member
Board Member
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