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Content Steering Committee


This committee facilitates the implementation and adoption of a Society-wide content strategy. Supports identifying, validating, and coordinating technical content for ISA members and the automation community by connecting and engaging ISA resources. Assists the society in coordinating all content to ensure high quality content, products, and services are identified and delivered for the benefit of Society members and the automation community.

Group Type



Executive Board

  • Ensures the ISA organization is collaborating and aligned with a Society-wide content strategy framework.
  • Reviews the content strategy framework and makes recommendations.
  • Reviews and recommends technical topics for the ISA content taxonomy framework.
  • Reviews technical topics within the ISA content matrix and recommends prioritization.
  • Works with staff to implement and communicate content plans across the society.


8-10 professional members

Technical subject expertise as needed from the following groups, with diversity in a manner consistent with the Society’s values and policies:

  • Divisions
  • Publications
  • Standards & Practices
  • Conference Advisory Committee

Active members who have held leadership roles within one or more of the following: Divisions, Publications, and Standards & Practices. Co-chairs should have different ISA backgrounds to complement each other to provide balance regarding the interests of ISA.

Selection/ Appointment

Appointed by the Executive Board upon recommendation from the outgoing committee.


Terms coincide with Society operating year. Member terms are one-year renewable for up to three consecutive years. Chair: One-year term, renewable for two years.

Expected Commitment

Varies per month based on current activities.

The committee will host virtual discussions, documents, notes and resources on their ISA Connect community. 

Roles and Authorities

Makes Recommendations for Approval of Executive Board

  1. ISA content strategy and plans annual priorities

Makes Recommendations and Provides Input

  1. Technical Assembly
  2. Geographic Assembly

Monitors and provides input to the board

  1. Content trends
  2. ISA content satisfaction
  3. Technical interests of automation professionals and the automation community.