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Digital Transformation Advisory Committee


Advise the Executive Board on policies and practices related to ISA’s digital technologies and services to satisfy expectations of members, sections, divisions, departments, and other key stakeholders.

Group Type



Executive Board


  1. Provide insight and expertise in understanding, deploying, and leveraging evolving digital tools.
  2. Take leadership role in gathering requirements of ISA community and incorporating in products and services roadmaps.
  3. Facilitate change, adoption, and engagement of members, supporting the introduction of new tools
  4. Research best practices in community engagement in general and with ISA's community tools specifically
  5. Effectively coordinate ISA’s digital technologies, social media presence, and website activities with other ISA entity activities.


6-12 professional members and a chair representing a diversity of Society engagement. Preference is for members to have experience in digital and marketing technologies.

Selection/ Appointment

Appointed by the Executive Board upon recommendation from the outgoing committee.


Terms coincide with Society operating year. Member terms are one-year, renewable up to three consecutive years.

Expected Commitment

2-4 hours per month

The committee will host virtual discussions, documents, and resources on their ISA Connect community.

Roles and Authorities

Makes Recommendations to the Executive Board

  1. Member needs and requirements related to digital technologies.
  2. Opportunities to enhance the use of ISA’s digital technologies, web services, and online presences across all Society units as they employ these technologies to extend and enhance products, services, and presences.
  3. Strategies to increase the adoption of digital technologies by members and key stakeholders
  4. Identify new opportunities for ISA in terms of business, products, and services in the digital world

Provides Input

  1. Strategic roadmaps of digital technologies, web services, online presences, and ISA Connect and new digital technologies
  2. Areas for improvement with user functionality


  1. Performance metrics on social media presence and success
  2. Performance metrics of web properties
  3. Performance metrics on ISA Connect engagement
  4. Adoption of Connect by Sections, Divisions, Standards, and Committees


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