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Connect Champions Group


A group of evangelists for ISA Connect Technical Discussion Forum that provides input to the Digital Transformation Advisory Committee (DTAC).


1. Support and encourage member engagement in ISA Connect technical discussion forum
2. Review and moderate comments from the user community, escalating to DTAC as necessary
3. Work with Society stakeholders on using the discussion forum to build reach and awareness
4. Research best practices in community engagement in general and with ISA community tools specifically
5. Post and reply to discussion forum if engagement is low and, where possible, respond to unanswered posts


8-12 members

Selection/ Appointment

Appointed by the Executive Board upon recommendation from the outgoing group and DTAC 


Terms coincide with Society operating year. Member terms are one-year, renewable up to three consecutive years.

Expected Commitment

4-6 hours per month
The committee will host virtual discussions, documents, notes and resources on their ISA Connect community.

Roles and Authorities 

Makes Recommendations to the Digital Transformation Advisory Committee (DTAC):
1. Investment in upgrades or enhancements to Connect Discussion Forum

Provides Input for the Digital Transformation Advisory Committee
1. Strategic roadmap for ISA Connect
2. Areas for improvement with user functionality
3. Promotional campaigns to build awareness of ISA Connect
4. Decision-tree in community expansion and deployment of existing features that do not require financial investment
5. Potential automation that could enhance member recruitment and engagement

1. Member engagement in Discussion forum
2. Utilization of Connect Discussion Forum
3. Satisfaction with the Connect Discussion Forum experience
4. Success of automation in driving member engagement 

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