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The Publications Committee is responsible for advising on and providing support for the content for ISA publications.

Group Type



Executive Board


  1. Solicit content from ISA groups and subject matter experts in accordance with the content strategy.
  2. Promote ISA publications via social media channels.
  3. Identify and recruit technical reviewers to assess the significance, originality, and validity of unsolicited manuscripts or article proposals before scheduled publication.
  4. Review book proposal submissions and provide feedback on the relevancy of content to ISA.


Chair, Chair-elect, and 8-12 professional members representing a diversity consistent with the Society’s policies and values.

Selection/ Appointment

Appointed by the Executive Board upon recommendation from the outgoing committee.

Service Terms

Terms coincide with Society operating year. Member terms are one-year, renewable up to three consecutive. Chair term is one-year, renewable for two consecutively. 

Expected Commitment

2-4 hours per month

The committee will host virtual discussions, documents, notes, and resources on their ISA Connect community.

Roles and Authorities

Makes Recommendations to the Executive Board

  1. Strategies related to print and digital publications
  2. Policies related to publications
  3. Proposals regarding new publications


  1. Stature and content of ISA publications compared to competitive publications
  2. Quality and effectiveness of ISA publications

Related Groups

  • Technical Assembly
The following are sub-groups within the committee:
  • ISA Transactions editorial team
  • InTech editorial advisory team
  • Books team


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