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Welcome to the Nominating Committee Community


The Society Nominating Committee will develop a ballot of qualified nominees for the offices of President-elect Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Board, and Department Vice Presidents-elect.

Committee members make themselves knowledgeable of the needs of the Society as a whole and of the requirements to fulfill the duties of Society level positions.

Committee members respect the confidentiality of the nominating process. The discussions, debate and qualifications of candidates should not be revealed to others before, during or after the committee deliberations. Candidate interviews and deliberations are held in closed sessions.

Members of the committee provide a diversity of experience with which to evaluate candidates but are not intended to represent any specific constituency of the Society.


Minimum of 8

  • Past President, ex-officio, Sergeant-at-Arms, non-voting
  • Society members who have served in leadership positions in the Society.

Selection/ Appointment

Members appointed and approved by respective Assemblies or Executive Board

  • Geographic Assembly (3)
  • Technical Assembly (3)
  • Executive Board (2)


Terms coincide with Society operating year. All terms are one-year renewable for up to four years. Chair term is one year.

Expected Commitment

8-10 hours during selection process

The committee will host virtual discussions, documents, notes and resources on their ISA Connect community.