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The Technical Assembly serves as an advisory and activity body that coordinates and supports the activities of the technical departments and committees as delegated to it by the Executive Board.

Group Type



Executive Board


  1. Share information for efficient and effective technical dissemination
  2. Identify resources to facilitate cooperation


Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents-elect of the Standards and Practices Department, the Automation and Technology Department, the Industries and Sciences Department, and the Publications Department, as well as the appointed chairs of any related groups. The chair is non-voting.

Selection/ Appointment

Members are determined through the Society Election and committee chair appointments. The Chair is selected by Assembly members from nominations reviewed by the Executive Board.

Service Terms

Terms coincide with member positions. Chair term is one year, renewable annually.

Expected Commitment

1-3 hours per month (not inclusive of Department commitment)

The Assembly will host virtual discussions, notes, and resources on their Connect community.

Roles and Authorities

Makes Recommendations to the Executive Board

  1. Technical Departments necessary to further the Society objectives.
  2. Policies effecting the respective areas.
  3. Committees needed to fulfill responsibilities and support the Society’s strategic direction.


  1. Nominating Committee appointments

Related Groups

  • Conferences and Events Committee
  • Technology Search Committee
  • Standards and Practices Department
  • Industries and Sciences Department
  • Automation and Technology Department
  • Publications Department
  • Content Steering Committee


Vice President-elect
Vice President-elect
Vice President-elect
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President