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Welcome to the Honors & Awards Committee Community


The Honors & Awards Committee supports the recognition program by administering the selection of awardees in accordance with the policies of the Executive Board.


Ensure the long-term success of the ISA Honors & Awards program by annually selecting the most-deserving nominees. 


12-20 professional members and a chair, representing a diversity consistent with Society's policies and values.

Selection/ Appointment

Appointed by the Executive Board 


Terms coincide with Society operating year. All terms are one-year renewable for up to three years. Chair term is one year.

Expected Commitment

8-10 hours during selection process

The committee will host virtual discussions, documents, notes and resources on their ISA Connect community. 

Roles and Authorities 

Makes Recommendations to the Executive Board

  • Criteria for the awards
  • Recipients of awards
  • Nomination and selection policies

Provides Input

  • Creation of any new awards


  • Diversity of nominations and awards
  • Overall awareness and prestige of ISA awards