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Welcome to the Admissions Committee Community


The Fellows Admissions Committee recommends to the Executive Board the elevation of select members to the distinguished grade of Fellow in accordance with Society policy.  

Goals/Responsibilities Ensure the long-term success of the ISA Fellows program by annually selecting the most-deserving nominees. 

Minimum of 8 Fellows and a chair, representing a diversity consistent with Society's policies and values.


Appointed by the Executive Board 


Terms coincide with Society operating year. All terms are one-year renewable for up to three years. Chair term is one year.

Expected Commitment

8-10 hours during selection process

The committee will host virtual discussions, documents, notes and resources on their ISA Connect community. 

Roles and Authorities 

Makes Recommendations to the Executive Board

  • Criteria for the Fellow Admissions
  • Recipient of Fellow Status
  • Nomination and selection policies


  • Diversity of nominations and selections
  • Overall awareness and prestige of ISA Fellow designation