• Student To Professional Promotion

    To all graduating members,

    An ISA professional membership can unlock even more opportunities to start or learn about an automation career. To help you transition, ISA offers a free year of professional membership for the first year after graduation. It is a significant upgrade from your student status.

    What makes a Professional membership a significant upgrade is the ability to access:

    • Participate in technical conversations on ISA Connect

    • Access standards and other technical resources

    • Make your mark as a YP (ISA Young Professionals)

    • Network in your local area through a Geographic Section

    • Share knowledge with Technical Divisions

    • Hone leadership skills by volunteering

    • Get discounts on training, books, and certifications

    Here is the link for transitioning from the student section to the professional section membership. This will include the promotion for a free first year.

    Best regards,

    Hanieh Tabatabaei,

    President, ISA UBCO section