• ISA Membership Value Presentation and Information Board

    Dear all,
    I hope this email finds you well. I am excited to share some fantastic opportunities for our ISA student section at UBCO.

    Today, I had a meeting with Mr. Aaron Simons, the ISA BC Section President, and he informed me about a membership value presentation by Marty Bince, the ISA President for 2023. This presentation is open to all members, and I believe it will be a valuable learning experience for our new section. Here is the link to join the presentation:

    Additionally, Aaron has provided us with a Trello board link where he regularly adds resources and documents related to the ISA BC student section. I encourage you all to visit the board and explore the information available to us:

    Best regards,

    Hanieh Tabatabaei,

    President, ISA student section at UBCO