• Toronto Section AGM Agenda TEAMs Session June 8th at 7PM

    AGM Agenda

    ·        Welcome message by President

    o   Brief overview of past years activities

    o   State of ISA Toronto

    §  Section is in good standing

    §  Financial status

    §  Expenditures 2022-2023

    §  Outlook for 2023-2024

    o   Current Membership Status

    Current Executive moving forward to 2023-2024

    President:                                         Marvin Greenberg

    President-elect:                Larry McLean

    Treasurer:                                         Hank Rasanen

    Secretary:                                         Reynold Ramdial

    Program Chair:                                Nissan Gutmanovich

    Membership Chair:                        Denrich Sananda

    Program Chair:                                Leo Salemi

    Webmaster:                                     Larry McLean

    Standard and Practices:                Nissan Gutmanovich

    Board Members:                             Open

    Members wishing to assume Positions

    ·        Newsletter Editor

    ·        Marketing

    Discussion with Members

    ·        Membership

    ·        Trade Show

    ·        Seminars

    o   Topics

    o   Training

    ·        Other topics