ASD/TMD awards two scholarships every year:
The William H. Atkinson Scholarship

·        The Aerospace Industries Division Scholarship

·        The Test Measurement Division Scholarship

Again in 2022, the ISA Aerospace/Test Measurement Division (ASD/TMD) utilized the ISA Scholarship Application Portal to collect the applications to benefit full-year students to be considered for all of the ISA scholarships instead of only the ASD/TMD Scholarship.

This year, eight University students who have outstanding potential in fields related to automation applied for the two ISA ASD/TMD scholarships. All applications were submitted by the end of February.

This year, Divya Dhananjayan & Daniel Joshua "Joshua" Barron each were each awarded a USD$2000 scholarship.

For details and eligibility requirements, visit

If you are a full-year undergraduate or graduate student for; click here to go the ISA Scholarship Portal to Apply Today!

IMPORTANT If you are a Senior graduating in May/June (Not enrolled the entire year) you are still eligible for the ASD/TMD Scholarship; but you will have to submit the ASD/TMD Graduating Senior Scholarship Application Form directly from the ASD/TMD Library.

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ISA Educational Foundation Scholarships are awarded to college or university students who demonstrate outstanding potential for long-range contribution to the fields of automation and control. The scholarship awards support tuition and related expenses and research activities and initiatives. ISA awards scholarships from both the Educational Foundation Scholarship fund and funds provided through endowments of generous gifts from supporters. Amounts awarded vary.

Scholarship Opportunities