The Aerospace Division (ASD) and the Test Measurement Division (TMD) is concerned with the instrumentation associated with testing and control of airplanes, missiles, and satellites. Additionally, ASD/TMD is interested in the measurement, instrumentation and techniques associated with providing test data for product development and evaluation.

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  • Hello All, I have no experience in the robotics area but, i will be involved in a proof of concept project using Collaboration Robots. The specific use case is pick & place where plastic bags that weigh a max of 15Kg are picked off a conveyor into a box. Not sure of the ...

  • Dear all I've got a question regarding multi factor authentication (MFA) in regards to FR 1 identification and authentication control, CR 1.1. IF it's not possible to integrate an electronic additional factor, e.g., RSA token, sms etc. could a compensating control be "physical ...

  • I am Isra Abbasi, an Instrumentation & Control Engineer working in Remote Operation Management at PETRONAS. My work focuses on Remote Operation, Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance, Process Optimization, and simplification. I am happy to connect with the ISA community here ...

  • Yes, Bruce, I am investigating commercial applications of controllers that make the control decision based on first-principles, mechanistic models. Certainly, we could use the first-principles models to determine process gain, delay, and time-constants; then use that information ...

  • There are ethical expectations in the execution of projects whether in Automation or Transformation. It is hard to say if these are topics or rules as most of these are within the space of the "unwritten rules". Here are twelve topics that an innovation team should be prepared ...

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