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Aerospace Industries Division (ASD)

In 2016, the Aerospace Industries Division (ASD), formerly in the Industries & Sciences Department, was merged into the Test Measurement Division (TMD) in the Automation & Technology Department. The Test Measurement Division (TMD) is concerned with the measurement, instrumentation and techniques associated with providing test data for product development and evaluation.

This includes the sensing, transducing and signal conditioning means used for static and dynamic measurement of such variables as force, mass dimension, strain; displacement, velocity, and acceleration; tensile, impact and compressive strength; temperature and thermal properties; time and frequency; thrust and torque; pressure, vacuum and flow, electrical quantities, photo-optics and radiation.

The Aerospace Industries Division (ASD) is concerned with all aspects of instrumentation associated with ground testing, flight testing and control of airplanes, missiles and space vehicles; and with measurements made in evaluation of the medium through which they operate.

Test Measurement Division (TMD)

The Test Measurement Division (TMD) of ISA promotes the technical areas associated with measurements for tests including instrumentation and sensor development, application of instrumentation and measurements to test, calibration of instrumentation systems, accuracy of the instrument output, and design of instrumentation system data acquisition and processing architecture that turn the measurement or sensor output into knowledge of the test article's performance, operability, structural integrity, maintainability and functionality.

The types of instrumentation or measurements include conventional pressure, temperature and flow systems, miniaturized systems such MEMS and NEMS, non-interference systems such as laser anemometry and clearance measurements, and advanced systems such as thermal phosphors, sensors for high temperature and harsh environments and further miniaturization of systems.

The measurements may be applied to test hardware in quantities up to 5000 for complicated development systems or only a few measurements for simpler mostly static systems. Test measurements provide the information to certify that the test hardware or system will perform its required processes and provide a path towards full automation of the system processes.


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