• WWID Updates (Feb and Mar 2022)

    Over the last couple of months, our Division volunteers have been focusing on the following two activities - (1) Engagement with ISA to conduct webinars as part of our 2022 Energy and Water Automation Conference program and (2) Collaboration with AWWA and WEF in order to provide mutual support between these organizations.

    Our EWAC committee is working to identify speakers on critical W/WW automation topics to present at our 2022 webinars. If you have any feedback or thoughts related to the EWAC webinars, please send me an email, and I will put you in touch with an EWAC committee member.

    AWWA and WEF are the largest Water and Wastewater associations in the US. In order to better serve our W/WW industry, it is essential for automation professionals to be on the same page with AWWA and WEF with respect to current challenges, technology/research and planning the future. To achieve this, the ISA WWID has been partnering with AWWA and WEF for the past several years via conferences and other events. We have started these discussions with these two associations for 2022, and will keep you all informed on specific events and opportunities for everyone to participate.

    Manoj Yegnaraman, PE
    Director, ISA WWID