The Safety and Security (SafeSec) Division of ISA exists to help our members grow both professionally and personally through a transfer of information and knowledge. Our committee chairs write brief articles at least twice a year for posting online. We program safety and security related sessions at ISA conferences, maintain a website and two list serves (one for safety, one for security). Short webinars will be coming soon. Simply put, we're providing premier content and access to experts that you won't get anywhere else. 

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  • Best practices are to eliminate all the circuits on the board. Turn the system on and connect each cable one by one. As soon as you connect the bad one, the fuse will blow again, and you will know which circuit is bad. Another option is to disconnect the board and test each ...

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    Hi everyone, I'm Julio Toro from Colombia, I currently live in New Jersey USA. I have 10 years of experience in Automation and Control System Engineering for multiple industries (oil & gas, power plant, food, amusement parks). At the moment I'm working as IC&E in a combined ...

  • Hi Rajshekhar, I know this forum is not meant to be used to promote products and that is not my intent. But I can lay my hands on links to what my company is doing quickly. I won't talk products but the functionality offered is used to create PLC code using natural language ...

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  • Greetings, What are technologies required to optimize the efficiency and reliability of power grid i.e., power loses and voltage instability? Thanks and Regards. #IndustriesPowerandEnergy ------------------------------ [Mustafa] [Hashim] [pHD] [Engineering Specialist] ...

  • Greetings, MIMO is a great tool as it can significantly improve recommended answers for related technical and technical questions. I wish to thank to ISA for providing this for the benefit of ISA members. as well as non-members. ------------------------------ [Mustafa] ...

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