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  • There is no doubt that GPS spoofing is being carried out in regions of the middle east and in other territories involved in conflicts. There are some asset owners making modifications to their current set up away from GPS .... an example is below. Also, companies such as ...

  • Muhammad, It is not common in my experience that line monitoring components are used in Digital Output loops, to qualify that, I only say is is not common because in my 40+ years in the Process Industry (35 specifically in SIS design), I have never seen them used. I agree ...

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  • Hello All, This is Eshwar Surnar and I am Very Exited to join the ISA Community. I am currently working as a Senior OT/ICS Security Architect in Japan, where I leverage my extensive expertise in OT systems and Industrial Automation to offer innovative solutions ...

  • While technically different, auto-logout and session lock serve effectively the same purpose, in my opinion. After a certain time period of inactivity, credentials must be re-entered in order to have access. The difference comes mainly down to the software and how it handles ...

  • Control-valves on the return line of the water-loop and then one can have either on-off-valve or control-valve on the load-points depending on the type/requirement of the user is a proper control strategy. But depending on the number of users the response of the control-valve ...

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