About our Division

Welcome to the Process Measurement and Control Division (PMCD), the largest technical division within ISA!

PMCD is organized within the Automation and Technology Department of ISA. Our primary goal is to advance the interests and knowledge of our members. PMCD supports nearly 6,000 members by operating Technical Committees, publishing an industry-specific newsletter and participating with other ISA divisions in technical symposia.

Why Be a Member?

PMCD promotes a highly professional, responsible image of the process measurement and control industry through its various programs and helps its members to develop that image and to succeed in a highly competitive market. As a PMCD member, you gain access to a wealth of professional knowledge, you now have the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from your peers.

Get the Most out of Your Membership:

Annual Events- Participate in a joint symposium with the Aerospace Division and the Test Measurement Division to become a co-sponsoring division for the International Instrumentation Symposium (IIS)
Industry News- Receive PMCD director and director-elect messages posted in this Connect Community and on LinkedIn
Leadership Opportunity- Sharpen your leadership skills by helping plan and conduct various annual PMCD events
Technical Writing- Submit industry papers, review papers, and participate in developing sessions
Networking- Take advantage of the opportunity to network with other PMCD industry leaders
Valuable Information Resource- PMCD provides its members with comprehensive technical information to aid them in their profession. Their membership includes: 
1.) Comprehensive industry newsletters featuring articles and papers from PMCD members and symposium participants
2.) Access to the PMCD Connect Community that provides industry technical papers, webinars, Connect Live technical discussions, and answers to questions on the Technical Discussions page.

Division Goals

  • Industry Reach and Awareness – Establish and advance the division’s relevance and credibility as the home of automation for the industries we serve, working with stakeholders to develop and deliver pertinent technical content. Provide industry expertise to industry and education by developing external partnerships.
  • Member Development and Engagement – Enhance member value and engagement opportunities to nurture and grow a more diverse and global automation community within the industries we serve.
  • Technical Education and Certification – Become the recognized leader in automation and control education for the industries we server, providing relevant and topical resources to enable our members to meet technological and industrial challenges.
  • Leadership and Business Skill Development – Create opportunities for our members to improve critical leadership skills, to build a network of industry professionals, and to develop the next generation of automation professionals to serve our industries.

ISA’s technical divisions are open only to ISA members. Covering a wide variety of industries and technologies, members are encouraged to join as many divisions as they choose.

Through your division, you will:

  • Build a network of peers working in similar settings
  • Receive access to the division community and communications
  • Participate in live, online technical discussions in ISA Connect Live
  • Learn in ISA OnPoint technical presentations
  • Discover opportunities to gain leadership and technical expertise through the division board or writing technical content