Call for Papers – 2023 American Control Conference San Diego, California, USA, May 31 to June 2 http

When:  Sep 23, 2022 from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM (CT)

Call for Papers – 2023 American Control Conference

San Diego, California, USA, May 31 to June 2



ISA is a co-sponsor of the American Control Conference (ACC), providing a high stature opportunity for faculty and those in industrial R&D to publish research results and network with automation and control professionals from all disciplines.  It is a great mechanism for career and innovation visibility for those seeking to advance automation techniques.


The ACC is a 3-day event of about 1,400 participants representing 9 engineering and science professional societies.  Manuscripts are full-paper refereed, archived, and available to the world community through IEEE Explore.  The paper acceptance rate is about 67%.  About 20% of the presenters are outside of the US.  About 15% represent industry, about 45 % are faculty and 40% are graduate students, which also makes the conference a great talent showcase for industrial recruiting of technical employees. 


Visit the conference web site for guidance,, and use the “Authors” link to access specific instructions.  The submission process is scheduled to close on September 23.


There are several categories for presentations. 

  1. Regular (contributed) papers normally describe research results or newly patented techniques. But they also include education topics.  Papers are allocated a 15-min presentation time. 
  2. Special sessions are comprised of 6 papers; and topics could be about a common theoretical issue, introduction of a new concept and its research needs, presentations about classroom or student chapter techniques, control challenge problems, or even hosting a contest.
  3. Tutorial sessions are industrial practice oriented. They start with a comprehensive presentation on an emerging practicable topic (perhaps like a whitepaper, or textbook chapter of an effective but underutilized technique) followed by 3 or 4 shorter presentations from the practice community establishing credibility and discussing implementation and assessment.  The tutorial paper will be published.  To facilitate industrial presentations, they may have (but do not require) manuscript submissions. 


If you are new to the ACC, and are considering organizing a Special or Tutorial session, feel free to preview your idea with Russ Rhinehart (, and let his experience help you fine-tune the proposal.  (Russ is the ISA delegate to AACC,, and has been an ISA Division Director.)


If you are interested in supporting the conference by providing reviews of research papers, visit, register and update your keywords so that you are more likely to be assigned papers in your area of interest.  Paperplaza manages the submission and review process.  First-time users visit:  Then log into Paperplaza to complete your profile and clarify your expertise/interest areas.


If you are interested in becoming an Associate Review Chair contact Lili Dong ( the ISA Society Review Chair.


And!  For ISA to get programming and representation credit, be sure to state ISA as your primary society affiliation when submitting or registering for the ACC.