The Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division (also known as FPID) is organized within the Industry and Sciences Department of ISA. The Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division is the Division for sharing and understanding the latest technology for sensor, instrument, equipment, automation, computer-system, and software application for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains.

FPID is dedicated to helping our members grow professionally and technically through the development of and the sharing of useful and relevant technical content, by supporting automation standards development related to the regulated industries, and by providing a forum for networking and collaboration. 

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  • Hello Peter, I strongly agree with you in term of separate or independent system for safety and BPCS ,whenever it is not a single burner; the conclusion for these cases are clear enough. After reading carefully the NFPA 85, in case of single burner,It is explained that a ...

  • Hi everyone. My experience on use of thermal meters in the O&G industry here in Brazil is: flare stacks having smaller diameters (say 6"); maybe because the velocity ranges are not so wider and the gas composition is not so variable; gas compressors inlets and outlets ...

  • Here is a question from one of my instrumentation vendors: How does upstream O&G use Thermal Mass meters? What do you see as Pro's and Con's of the Thermal Mass meters on your flare systems? I have been trying to focus on the Flare measurement and the requirement being ...

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  • I live in Algona, IA with my Wife and 2 children. We own a couple businesses and I work full time for Corteva Agriscience as the Automation Coordinator at the Algona Production Plant. I started as an electrician and moved into automation within a couple years of being employed ...

  • Hi All As I was on tour I could not pay attention on this; kindly excuse. Coming on the subject of Quality in Automation Project Management, the following aspects play an important role : First of all, the concerned control systems engineer of the end user should also ...

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