About our Division

The Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division (also known as FPID) is organized within the Industry and Sciences Department of ISA. The Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division is the Division for sharing and understanding the latest technology for sensor, instrument, equipment, automation, computer-system, and software application for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains.

FPID is dedicated to helping our members grow professionally and technically through the development of and the sharing of useful and relevant technical content, by supporting automation standards development related to the regulated industries, and by providing a forum for networking and collaboration. 

FPID represents a membership with a deep knowledge of design, engineering, systems and networks, software, process automation, validation, quality, research, and scientific professionalism. We hope you will join us to add your expertise to topics in CPG product manufacturing and packaging, food products and derivatives, pharmaceutical R & D, clinical trials, and manufacturing of API's, tablet formulations, parenterals and biotech products.

Become involved in helping ISA provide global leadership at the FDA in the USA and other international regulatory bodies. In this capacity, you can provide valuable knowledge and input on cutting edge and disruptive technologies regarding instrumentation, analysis automation, equipment and system validation, and testing for regulatory compliance.

Join us if you want to learn, contribute, network, and help build the Division to create a better world through automation.

For more information, contact Scott Sommer, PE, CAP, Division Director, at swsommer@live.com.

ISA’s technical divisions are open only to ISA members. Covering a wide variety of industries and technologies, members are encouraged to join as many divisions as they choose.

Through your division, you will:

  • Build a network of peers working in similar settings
  • Receive access to the division community and communications
  • Participate in live, online technical discussions in ISA Connect Live
  • Learn in ISA OnPoint technical presentations
  • Discover opportunities to gain leadership and technical expertise through the division board or writing technical content