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                                 BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEMS DIVISION

Building Automation Systems Division (also known as BASDIV) fastest growing division of ISA aimed at helping our members grow professionally and technically. The primary goals of BASDIV are to provide clarity around these ever-evolving spaces, develop useful technical content of building automation, develop standardized approaches to solve critical problems, and provide a networking and collaboration platform for its professionals. By bringing together community of experts in BAS domain, BASDIV aims to evaluate the trends and best practices regularly.
ISA's understanding and focus of Building Automation System Division continually evolve to adapt to the new technology integration like IoT, AI, Cloud platform be a source of certification & education to increase professional competency throughout the worldwide community, constant developments of new technologies, new applications, and new concepts from most of the major Builders, Architects, Building automation Integrator , research institutions, and even governmental agencies.

What is Building Automation System?
Building automation systems (BAS) is a distributed control system to monitor & control various building services facilitating efficient building operation and maintenance. This also provides centralized visualization of operational & MIS data. Building automation describes the advanced functionality provided by the control system in a building using latest technology advancements like IoT, Networking & Communications, Cloud, AI etc.

Proposed Technical Committees
• Power & Energy Management
• Water Management.
• Waste Management
• IT Infrastructure
• Access Control
• Security Management
• Disaster Management – Fire, Natural calamities

Proposed Division Activities
• Industry Reach & Awareness.
• Member Development and Engagement
• Technical Education and Certification
• Leadership and Business Skill Development
• Publish quarterly newsletter
• Host technical webinars

Join us if you want to learn, contribute, network, and help build the Division to create a better world through automation



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