The Smart Manufacturing and IIoT Division (also known as SMIIoT) is the newest and fastest growing division of ISA aimed at helping our members grow professionally and technically. The primary goals of SMIIoT are to provide clarity around these ever-evolving spaces, develop useful technical content, develop standardized approaches to solve critical problems, and provide a forum for networking and collaboration. ISA's understanding and focus of Smart ManufacturingIndustry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will continually evolve to adapt to the high level of activity and interest throughout the worldwide community, constant developments of new technologies, new applications, and new concepts from most of the major hardware manufacturers, solution providers, businesses, research institutions, and even governmental agencies.

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  • The Q1 Newsletter for the SMIIoT division has been posted. Head over to the division page and the newsletter section specifically ... Learn More

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  • Hi Jorge, Fire protection systems themselves are not an IPL, but the actuator which takes in the signal and responds to certain safety logic will be part of IPL. For example if your fire protection sensors actuate a ventilation system for example, when the concentration of gases ...

  • a Oberst Rig - vibration - damping properties of elastic or viscoelastic materials. It is based on the vibration of a cantilever beam theory . This method can be used to measure properties of materials used for structural vibration damping and noise ...

  • I'm sorry, that should be Modus, not Modulus. Today has been going since yesterday and I need to get some sleep lol. ------------------------------ JD Glenn III Certified Control Systems Technician Level III Automation Controls Specialist GrupoBimbo North America Oklahoma City, ...

  • Well, that will be a little difficult without promoting products on here (which I try not to do). In vibration analysis, we place a vibration sensor on an end device (valve for chatter, fan for balance, bearing housing for grinding, gearbox for slop in the gears, motor for alignment/bearing ...

  • Dear JD Glenn III, Thank you so much for your useful information. Could you share me more details about vibration testing/analysis? I am learning about this field. It would be helpful for me get more instructions or experiences from you. Again, thank you so much. Regards, Truong ...

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    The Q1 Newsletter for the SMIIoT division has been posted. Head over to the division page and the newsletter section specifically to learn about what has been happening and what the year ahead holds.

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