ISA18.2 Looking for Input from SMIIoT Members

By Ryan Kershaw posted 21 Oct, 2022 01:56 PM

ISA18.2 has formed a working group that is looking at how alarm management can be digitized.  Because of the nature of this change, they have asked for input from SMIIoT members.  Here is purpose and scope for the working group:

ISA18 Working Group 9 – Digitalization of Alarm Management


  • The purpose of this working group is to create a technical report on the digital transfer of data between the systems and groups performing activities of alarm management lifecycle to improve efficiency, data Integrity, and compatibility with other project and operation activities.


  • The scope of this working group is primarily defined by the alarm management lifecycle activities as described in ISA-18.2.
  • The data for the alarm management activities may be part of other data sets in a project or operation lifecycle activity, so the data is not limited to alarm data.
  • The definitions of data from existing ISA and IEC standards is preferred.
  • The details of protocols, methods, or tools for data transfer are excluded from the scope.

Whether you have a significant amount of experience in this area or would like to gain some experience on a standards committee, if you are interested in participating in the working group, please reach out to Charley Robinson at