The Education and Research Division (ERD) is concerned with promoting and advancing academic and industrial research and educational initiatives and activities related to the mission of the Society. Initiatives include fostering research in industry and academia; organizing conference sessions; contributing to and/or reviewing papers for technical journals, such as ISA Transactions; furnishing ISA’s delegate to the American Automatic Control Council (AACC); promoting automation engineering, automation related courses and programs; and supporting student programs such as student competitions. The Division will function as a resource and technical information exchange for students, faculty, education professionals, and others with an interest in research and education. Members will have the opportunity to share experiences and learn from their peers. The division will work with other groups within ISA to support faculty and student members and sections.

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  • The traditional method of first-principle modeling with test data and prototype validation has typically been used to design highly complex systems and their controls, a time-consuming process. Such models have the potential to scale up while maintaining accuracy. Consider the ...

  • Good day, I am currently working on a project for which the only requirement is to provide a safety PLC certified for functional safety applications up to SIL 3. The PLC will be used as a logic solver for the process safety system (PSS), ESD and the FGS (Fire and Gas System). ...

  • Good day All, Please from your experience (in summary) What is the right approach for systematic failures ? #ProcessSafety ------------------------------ Cedric Sindjui CEO CSI AUTOMATION Douala ------------------------------

  • Good day All, Please on which basis companies can define their tolerable targets ? Is there any recommendation per industry sector ? #ProcessSafety ------------------------------ Cedric Sindjui CEO CSI AUTOMATION Douala ------------------------------

  • Do you have an e-stop ? If it is only start and stop, it is not really an issue. I understand that some people think physical push buttons are more reliable than a touchscreen panel. In any case we need to remember that even if there is a physical push button to start/stop ...

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