The Education and Research Division (ERD) is concerned with promoting and advancing academic and industrial research and educational initiatives and activities related to the mission of the Society. Initiatives include fostering research in industry and academia; organizing conference sessions; contributing to and/or reviewing papers for technical journals, such as ISA Transactions; furnishing ISA’s delegate to the American Automatic Control Council (AACC); promoting automation engineering, automation related courses and programs; and supporting student programs such as student competitions. The Division will function as a resource and technical information exchange for students, faculty, education professionals, and others with an interest in research and education. Members will have the opportunity to share experiences and learn from their peers. The division will work with other groups within ISA to support faculty and student members and sections.

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  • Bruce, I've never had experience a situation like you are telling us. Although, if I were in that situation I will try to install any kind of protective sunlight cover for the electronic parts of the transmitter. By doing this you can discard any temperature issue for the electronics ...

  • For the second time, I have encountered a flow measurement that reads around 15% low every sunny morning. It drifts low over a couple of hours starting at sunrise and recovers at sunset. On days that are overcast or rainy, it agrees with other process measurements (other flows ...

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  • I got this question recently coming to my mind, since I've never before have deled with designs of Digital Outputs coming through an injected power terminal block. The question is: How to guarantee at the electrical level, not only the logical, that the circuit show in the figure ...

  • Very interesting article Joe! That IT/OT equipment is put at risk not by a direct attack but by (potentially) comprising environmental controls raises the complexity of threat assessment even more. It also means we should re-consider some of the less glamorous and old-fashioned ...

  • I have prepared ISA Micro Learning Module (MLM) 38A - Identifying Control System Cyber Incidents. Control system cyber incidents are much more prevalent than might be expected, but there is no training for the control system engineers or the cyber security community to identify ...

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