Building Automation Systems Division (also known as BASDIV) fastest growing division of ISA aimed at helping our members grow professionally and technically. The primary goals of BASDIV are to provide clarity around these ever-evolving spaces, develop useful technical content of building automation, develop standardized approaches to solve critical problems, and provide a networking and collaboration platform for its professionals. By bringing together community of experts in BAS domain, BASDIV aims to evaluate the trends and best practices regularly.
ISA's understanding and focus of Building Automation System Division continually evolve to adapt to the new technology integration like IoT, AI, Cloud platform be a source of certification & education to increase professional competency throughout the worldwide community, constant developments of new technologies, new applications, and new concepts from most of the major Builders, Architects, Building automation Integrator , research institutions, and even governmental agencies.

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  • Hello all, Am looking for an international standard for instrumentation field cable sizing. Something similar to NEC Article 725. One should be able to size cable based on the voltage drop- but is there a standard spec for the permissible voltage drop? Or we should be doing ...

  • Jonas, Monitoring of a Thief hatch or the position of any other mechanical device by a proximity switch does not necessitate instrumentation taagging or symbology for the mechanical device. Per iSA-5.1, the proximity switch would be identified by an instrument bubble with a ...

  • Pressure relief valves (PRV) and emergency relief vents are monitored differently. PRV are monitored by acoustic noise sensors which detect release but also passing if it doesn't seat back properly. If the PRV has bellows there is an additional pressure sensor to detect bellows ...

  • Thanks @James Federlein and @Christiam Casas Buitrago for your input. Agree thief hatch is not "instrumentation" it is more like "piping" so could appear on the P&ID. What is happening now, and the reason I'm asking which i did not mention, is that thief hatches left open ...

  • I tend to agree with referring to HH and LL as trips (higher priority), and can talk particularly in the context of battery storage power plants where the Battery Management System (BMS) incorporates various safety alarm levels. When a trip-either High-High (HH) or Low-Low (LL)-is ...

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