Building Automation Systems Division (also known as BASDIV) fastest growing division of ISA aimed at helping our members grow professionally and technically. The primary goals of BASDIV are to provide clarity around these ever-evolving spaces, develop useful technical content of building automation, develop standardized approaches to solve critical problems, and provide a networking and collaboration platform for its professionals. By bringing together community of experts in BAS domain, BASDIV aims to evaluate the trends and best practices regularly.
ISA's understanding and focus of Building Automation System Division continually evolve to adapt to the new technology integration like IoT, AI, Cloud platform be a source of certification & education to increase professional competency throughout the worldwide community, constant developments of new technologies, new applications, and new concepts from most of the major Builders, Architects, Building automation Integrator , research institutions, and even governmental agencies.

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  • Good evening, I am looking for some advice on which courses on the ISA website would be most beneficial for future career path. I have worked industrial instrumentation for 17 years on the process/mechanical side on installation of instruments, tubing, valves etc. Supervising ...

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    RE: Asset Inventory

    I am not positive that I understand your question, but I will take a stab at it. ISA/IEC 62443 follows through the enterprise system with the Purdue Model of Enterprise Structure. There are no specific positions for OSI or TCP/IP structured devices (Layer 3 switching, ect). ...

  • Conduits definition, under ISA/IEC 62443, includes the physical or virtual path routes that flows through an Instrumentation & Control System with data. These conduits can be wireless connections, networks, cables, and other communication media. Its related Standards focuses ...

  • Your definition of a conduit seems like the definition of a channel, to me. What would be contained in those conduits that would constitute a channel? An individual connection, so the channels may be multiplexed over time? The way I have seen conduits described visually tends ...

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    RE: Introduce Yourself

    It's all in fun. And it's all evolving, so we all get to grow with the technology. Learning new things and new ways is definitely not a bad thing. There are definitely challenges to explore and build on in automation.

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