Automation and Process Control projects are challenging and can often invoke fear for the newly appointed Automation Project Manager (APM) or Project Engineer in charge.

In addition to all the usual challenges of any project, this particular type of project is often even more complex. This is the result of a variety of reasons including: integration of multiple engineering disciplines (software, computer systems, networks, and instrumentation), high dependency on User Requirements of disciplines outside of automation, integration of requirements from many areas (business, engineering, safety, environmental), delays in other areas of the project that propagate over into the automation area, new technology or technology constraints, and many more.

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  • Thank you very much for your contributions, it has been very helpful to me, since these are criteria indicated by the API-618 standard, I understand that they must be, at least, included as possible layers of protection, either through alarms + response from operator or trips ...

  • To All, Table 5. in API 618 contains minimum alarm and shutdown requirements. High pressure isn't listed What I have seen is high differential pressure trips across compressor stages rather than an absolute high pressure. This protects against mechanical failure of the ...

  • Hello everyone, I'm Alex do Vale and although have been wandering around ISA since 2016, I've officially joined the community last month (May-2023) and I'm eager to contribute, and to learn, from other ISA members. I've been working in many areas in the IT industry, but ...

  • Hello Everyone I am looking for case studies where IoT platforms are used for monitoring water / gas / electricity distribution systems. These could be projects for city water supply, piped gas, electrical grids or similar. Please share the links on this group or send an email ...

  • There was a presentation by Michael Grieves in 2002 in which the concept of the digital twin was first introduced as a "virtual twin" , but it was renamed "digital twin" later. Therefore, the father of digital twin seems to be Michael Grieves. If we use his paper " Virtually ...

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