Director's Message

I'm thrilled to welcome our members to our community in my capacity as director of ISA's ACARD division in 2024. I would like to thank you for taking part in recent events, including the OnPoint session on wearables, augmentation, and society 5.0, the Connect Live session on 2024 forecasts driven by our division members, and most recently the Connect Live session on carbon emissions tracking and smart metering infrastructure. I'm excited for more thought-provoking conversations and insightful ideas at the next sessions that will cover subjects like collaborative robots, industrial AI, cybersecurity, IoT, and digital twins. I am confident that these discussions will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and technology in our division. Your active participation and contributions are truly valued and appreciated. Let's continue to engage in these important discussions and work together towards finding innovative solutions for the future. Your unique perspectives and expertise will be crucial in shaping the direction of our division moving forward.

ISA's 2024 strategic plan has been posted on the ISA Connect main page and can be found here: https://www.isa.org/about-isa/strategic-plan. The ACARD division will support the strategic plan by holding Connect Live and OnPoint discussions on emerging topics of AI, OT security, cobots, and presenting use cases that demonstrate the practical applications of the strategic goals outlined. We encourage all members to join these discussions and share their insights to help guide our division in aligning with ISA's overall vision for the future.

Further I wish to strongly suggest a good lot of networking opportunities beyond just the board Members of ACARD. I am honestly amazed to see the diversity - almost all continents and members from over 25 Countries !

Here is the link to reach out to the ACARD'ian of the Country of your choice.


Some of you may have noticed the mailbox within ISA Connect for ease of contact with the ISA- ACARD Member https://connect.isa.org/profile/myaccount/inbox

We are also open to hear from you if you wish to be identified as a subject matter expert to participate in the connect Live discussions or host an OnPoint session, please get in touch with our program chair, Dr Yinan Wang at wangy88@rpi.edu  

Last but not the least our Newsletter editor Dr Pranjal Vyas welcomes your contributions in any form like just a flash news, your own brainstorming thought, or a featured article/ Series of articles, You may directly email the same to Dr Pranjal at pranjalvyas20@gmail.com 

Let's make it a more live and interactive exchange to enhance the pool of information and try and lift it to knowledge and wisdom. All ACARD'ians welcome once again to this this wonderful world of ISA – Automatic Controls and Robotics Division. Wish you good luck during this journey 

-Rohit Kadam, ACARD Director