Mr. Marco Rodrigues Sr.

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Marco Rodrigues

TE - Technician-Electrical


Graduating in Electrical Engineering from Uni-ANHANGUERA.

15 years working in technical and engineering activities related to Radio and Television Stations raising internal and external technological needs, analyzing existing processes and systems, identifying deficiencies enabling improvements and quality of the transmitted signal, optimizing resources and applications.

Experience in broadcast area, knowledge in implementation of digital transmission system standard ISDB-T and Technological Update.

Solid field experience in Regionalization of Satellite Broadcasters: Telstar 14R Banda Ku, StarOne B4 Banda C, StarOne C3 Banda C, and ABS 3A Banda C.

Experience in field activities such as installation of transmitters, receivers, radio antennas, television and satellite reception, preventive and corrective maintenance in radio diffusion systems.

Practices in laboratory and use of various measuring instruments such as Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Audio and RF Generators, Frequencimeter, Multimeters and etc. Skills in height and maintenance activities, installation of Radio equipment, TV, STL Links, auxiliary equipment and radiating systems of the station.