Automatic Controls and Robotics Division

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Automatic Controls and Robotics Division

The Automatic Controls and Robotics Division (ACARD)
of ISA aims to address the control demands of complex systems by exchanging knowledge with leaders regarding new and innovative solutions that are relevant to industrial applications, geological processes, and principles and practices of automatic control.

The intrinsic value of ACARD membership aligns your personal interests with your professional goals. By recognizing that what you do does make a difference, you are stimulated to higher productivity. Accomplishments are enjoyed more when shared with others. Furthermore, the contacts made through ACARD will be valuable throughout your professional career and you have the opportunity to share your experiences as well as the opportunity to learn from your peers.

There are numerous benefits and professional opportunities presented by the ACARD Division. To find out about how you can contribute to newsletters, website content or review technical papers, please e-mail our Automatic Controls Division Director, Prakash Bapat at and Director- Elect, Rohit Kadam at

More about ACARD

Some of the important areas of our activities include:

Industry Reach and Awareness – Establish and advance the division’s relevance and credibility as the home of automation for the industries we serve, working with stakeholders to develop and deliver pertinent technical content. Provide industry expertise to industry and education by developing external partnerships.

Member Development and Engagement – Enhance member value and engagement opportunities to nurture and grow a more diverse and global automation community within the industries we serve.

Technical Education and Certification – Become the recognized leader in automation and control education for the industries we serve, providing relevant and topical resources to enable our members to meet technological and industrial challenges.

Leadership and Business Skill Development – Create opportunities for our members to improve critical leadership skills, build a network of industry professionals, and develop the next generation of automation professionals to serve our industries.

Why be a member of ACARD ?

As an ACARD member, you will join one of the largest divisions within ISA.  There are numerous benefits and professional opportunities presented by ACARD:

  • Leadership Opportunities - The opportunity to improve your personal leadership skill level and participate on panel discussions as well as serving as a session developers for ACARD conferences and symposia.
  • Technical Writing - Reviewing papers or writing articles for the ACARD newsletter or Web pages.
  • Networking - Increase your visibility in the ACARD industry to benefit both you and your employer and the opportunity to have a positive impact on the industry.
  • Valuable Information Resources - In addition to the above, ACARD membership supplies:
    • Two to three comprehensive industry newsletters per year featuring articles and papers from the ACARD Members and symposium participants.
    • Access to the ACARD website that provides industry technical papers, web seminars, and a list serve of industry peers

ISA ACARD's On Point Resources :

On Point Presentation on Non-Linear Model Based Process Control:

On Point Presentation on Wireless HART Technology:

On Point Presentation on Machine Vision Systems:

On Point Presentation on Field Operator Robot:

On Point Presentation on Smart Manufacturing in Project Management :

ISA ACARD upcoming Connect Live Sessions :


ISA ACARD's “Renaissance Man”- Dr. Harold Wade

ISA ACARD wants to introduce you all to one of the oldest member of ACARD Division and the author of Basic and Advanced Regulatory Control: System Design and Application, Third Edition, Dr. Harold Wade. As a part of recognizing the senior members of ISA ACARD, we like to thank him and share about the interests they got apart from serving the world of Automation.

Dr. Harold Wade

Here is the YouTube click through link to view a video of his Christmas music.  Video is about 35 - 40 minutes long.

Hope you enjoy watching. Here is What Dr. Harold Wade wants to share with the video link :

"Here's a long story. You can stop reading anywhere you wish.

My first year in college I was a music major at TCU (Texas Christian  University, Ft. Worth.)  Toward the end of the year, I decided I'm not going to make it as a professional musician, so I should change to my other choice, engineering.  So I transferred to Okla. A & M (now Oklahoma State University) as a Mech Engineering major.

 At that time, few engineering students graduated in four years.  But I felt bad that I had wasted my parents money on a now-useless first year of college, so I was anxious to graduate as quickly as possible.  But there is not much from two semesters of music that counts toward an engineering degree.  After three years, I only lacked 24 semester hours graduating, so I signed up for all 24 hours.   

At the end of the previous semester, one of the instructors had asked me to be his assistant in teaching the hydraulics lab.  Should provide a little bitt of $$, so I accepted.  (His assistant?  I never saw him in the lab.  I was the lab instructor, teaching my fellow college students.)

This was the days of the "big band"  Fraternity and sorority dances every Fri and Sat night. There were two dance bands on campus: one I thought was not very good, the other, I thought was excellent.  My first week back on campus (final semester), the leader of the "excellent" band came to me and said, "Harold, we just lost our piano player.  Could you play the piano for us."  (A dream came true.)  So now I had 24 semester hours of course work and two part-time jobs.  The band played every Fri and Sat evening and rehearsed on Wednesday evening.   My grade-point average took somewhat of a nose-dive, but I paid all of my college expenses for the semester and still had a few $$ left over.  

So much for the story "

The ISA Scholarship Application Portal

This year, the ISA Automatic Controls and Robotics Division will again utilize the ISA Scholarship Application Portal to collect the applications to benefit students to be considered for all of the ISA scholarships.

University students who have outstanding potential in fields related to automation should apply for an ISA scholarship.

Scholarship applications will be accepted till the end of February; all applications must be submitted no later than the last day of February.

For details and eligibility requirements, visit

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Scholarship Chair , Rohit Kadam ( directly.

If you are a undergraduate or graduate student for all of the year;

click here to go the ISA Scholarship Portal to Apply Today!

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The Division publishes Quarterly Newsletters with technical content and news. Read the Winter 2020 -Spring 2021 Newsletter here.

ISA  FIEPER Project :

What is FIEPER Project ? Please click the link  to know more about FIEPER.
For more Details, please click here.

Technical Discussions :

Do you have a ACARD technical question? Ask your question in the ISA Technical Discussion Forum and tag # Automatic Controls # robotics .

Want to see all the ISA Technical Discussion Posts that are tagged with#Automatic Controls? You can usethis search featureand it filters on tags with #Automatic Controls 

Want to see all the ISA Technical Discussion Posts that are tagged with #Robotics? You can use this search feature and it filters on tags with #Robotics.

Social Media Platforms :

Linked In Page :

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Recognition and Awards

Congratulations to Anand Iyer ACARD Outstanding Member of the year! Anand serves on the Board as FIEPER Board Chair. This award is being presented to him due to his phenomenal efforts to start the FIEPER Project that educates students in the field of robotics, vision systems and image classification.

Director's Message

Welcome to the Automatic Controls and Robotics Division ! Thank you for your Interest in the ISA Automatic Controls and Robotics Division. Today in this tech savvy world, Robotics is playing a major role in shaping and improvising Process Automation. Through ISA we invite all members of ISA to bring up open discussion of how Robotics is playing an important role nowadays and helping in advancing towards Automation. Do participate in the upcoming ‘Give &Take’ Survey planned by ACARD enthusiastic Leadership Team

The technical articles featured in the Newsletter and through other media content will help give an insight where we are moving with technology. The Division requests all the members to participate in various interesting activities like IIoT Symposium, Process Industry Conference as well as several other events coming up. Cheers and Welcome Aboard!!

-Sandeep Raju, ACARD Director


How to Join our Division?

Join us if you want to learn, contribute, network, and help build the Division to create a better world through automation.
You can join our Division at no additional charge. Please click here to add our Division to your membership.



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