Chemical and Petroleum Industries Division

The Chemical and Petroleum Industries Division (also known as ChemPID) is organized within the Industry and Sciences Department of ISA. ChemPID aims to contribute to the professional involved in the processing of chemicals, petrochemicals, petroleum, and natural gas.  From raw materials to products ChemPID strives to advance best practices in: Safety, Environmental, Production Efficiency, Operations, Process Control, and Automation.

With global competition no operation can run the same year after year.  Your plant is either improving or declining.  ChemPID is here to give you the tools you need to improve your plant!

Have you ever wondered if someone else has already figured it out?  Why re-invent the wheel?  The key to success is to capitalize on problems that have already been solved and focus your engineering talent on problems that require innovation!

As a ChemPID member, you will join one of the largest divisions within ISA.  There are numerous benefits and professional opportunities presented by ChemPID:

  • Leadership Opportunities - The opportunity to improve your personal leadership skill level and participate on panel discussions as well as serving as a session developers for ChemPID conferences and symposia.
  • Technical Writing - Reviewing papers or writing articles for the ChemPID newsletter or Web pages.
  • Networking - Increase your visibility in the ChemPID industry to benefit both you and your employer and the opportunity to have a positive impact on the industry.
  • Valuable Information Resources - In addition to the above, ChemPID membership supplies:
    • Two to three comprehensive industry newsletters per year featuring articles and papers from the ChemPID Members and symposium participants.
    • Access to the ChemPID website that provides industry technical papers, web seminars, and a list serve of industry peers


Supporting ISA’s vision to create a better world through the application of automation in the chemical and petroleum industries.


Advance technical competence by providing content from industry expertise to the automation community in the chemical and petroleum industries to achieve safer and more reliable operations, whilst reducing our environmental footprint.

ChemPID fully supports ISA’s values of:

  • Professionalism
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity


Industry Reach and Awareness – Establish and advance the division’s relevance and credibility as the home of automation for the industries we serve, working with stakeholders to develop and deliver pertinent technical content. Provide industry expertise to industry and education by developing external partnerships.

Member Development and Engagement – Enhance member value and engagement opportunities to nurture and grow a more diverse and global automation community within the industries we serve.

Technical Education and Certification – Become the recognized leader in automation and control education for the industries we server, providing relevant and topical resources to enable our members to meet technological and industrial challenges.

Leadership and Business Skill Development – Create opportunities for our members to improve critical leadership skills, to build a network of industry professionals, and to develop the next generation of automation professionals to serve our industries.

Do you have a CHEMPID technical question? Ask your question in the ISA Technical Discussion Forum and tag #Oil and Gas or #Chemical .

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Here are some example threads:
CHEMPID analyzed all the audience feedback forms from the Process Industry Conference 2019 and hand selected a winner for Best Paper. This paper received high praises and feedback from those that attended. 

CHEMPID awards Bill Hollifield for Best Paper at PIC 2019
"Operations Risk Management:  What is Your Plant REALLY Doing?"

Bill is an ISA Fellow with over 40 years of industrial engineering, control, and consulting experience. He wrote two books – The Alarm Management Handbook and The High Performance HMI Handbook, and participates in the ISA-18.2 (Alarm Mgt) and 101 (HMI) standards committees. Bill has (finally) semi-retired. He’s a pilot and built his own plane – an RV-12.

CHEMPID would like to thank Bill for bringing his expertise to this event. If you would like to contact Bill, please feel free to connect with him on ISA CONNECT.

If you are interested in speaking at the Process Industry Conference in the future, please look for the call for papers around March/April. 

Check out our file library as we continue to post technical content and resources. 

Here are some examples:
High Performance Operators Webinar
ISA106 Part 1 Webinar

We fully understand the challenges in our industry right now. We believe ISA can provide you value during this time especially if you have been directly impacted by these challenges. Please keep your membership up to date. ISA offers a hardship waiver that you may qualify for a free membership renewal.

Please check out the website to learn more. 

CHEMPID leaders are a diverse and inclusive group.
We have all experience levels from young professionals to subject-matter experts.
We have leaders whom have authored books as well as leaders whom are looking for what books to read.
We have leaders whom work for end-users, consultants, and integrators.

We have some of our leadership opportunities posted on ISA Connect. If you want to read about these roles and hit "apply" we would love to connect with you and get plugged in.

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I would love to hear any ideas you have especially if there are ways that we can provide value to our members.
Lastly, don’t be shy, we value everyone’s opinion, and if you have never been on a committee or held a leadership position, you will never be on your own and we will be there to help and support.
I would welcome any comments, feedback or questions.
David Lee,
ChemPID Director 2020-2021

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If you have any ideas - please send a message to Dave Lee.



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