Construction and Design Division

Construction & Design Division

The Construction and Design Division (CONDES) serves practitioners in all areas of automation, bringing together professionals involved in design, construction, and commissioning activities related to all types of facilities.  CONDES supports development of applicable standards, recommended practices, and technical papers.  

Within the construction and design arenas, Division Members are involved in all facets of facility design and construction, building automation, safety and security, construction management, and commissioning of facilities and process systems.


News Update (January 2021):

After being dormant for several years, we are pleased to announce that our Construction and Design Technical Division is now active again!  

 We have a new group of enthusiastic volunteer leaders, and great plans for 2021.  We invite you to read our new quarterly newsletter and stay tuned for ISAConnect Live virtual meetings planned in 2021.


ISA Virtual Events Program
ISAConnect Live with the Construction & Design Industry Division

ISA105, Loop Checks, and Factory & Site Acceptance Tests & Commissioning
24 February
10:00 am ET

Highlights from our February 2021 newsletter:

  • Kailua Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (KRWWTP)
  • Hanford’s Waste Treatment
    and Immobilization Plant
  • Katerra cross-laminated
    timber (CLT) facility
  • Amgen
    biomanufacturing plant


Get involved in ISA Standards:

ISA S 105 Standard Committee & IEC 62381 FAT, SAT, & SIT & IEC 62382 E&I Loop Checks

ISA105, Commissioning, Loop Checks, and Factory & Site Acceptance/In - ISA Connect

ISA105, Commissioning, Loop Checks,&Factory Tests-ISA

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