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All ISA standardization work related to valves. Inactivated control valve committees ISA4, ISA39, and ISA59 chose to join ISA75. This committee may consider reaffirmation of all existing ISA valve related standards including those of ANSI B16 Subcommittee 0.

This committee may form subcommittees as required to carry out its assigned tasks. Standards writing shall be carried out by these various subcommittees and generally not by the main committee.

This committee or its subcommittees shall maintain liaison with ANSI Committee B16 or B16/SCO, when considering standards related to pressure boundaries and safety aspects of control valve bodies.

This committee shall serve as the United States Technical Advisory Group (USTAG) for the International Electromechanical Commission control valve activity now vested in Technical Committee 65, Subcommittee 65B, Working Group 9, Final Control Elements IEC/TC65/SC65B/WG9.

For more information: visit https://www.isa.org/isa75/